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Xlite Superglide Gaming Mouse (Limited Edition)



Xlite Superglide, the world's first ultra-fast, and ultra-smooth tempered glass feet equipped high-performance ergo gaming mouse. Equipped with PAW3370, 20,000Dpi, 400IPS, and 50G acceleration. 1000hz polling rate with ultra-flexible paracord cable. 1000 made each.


alumino silicate · special edition

Xlite Superglide Gaming Mouse (Limited Edition)

$ 79.95

Xlite Superglide

The world smoothest and fastest glass feet equipped gaming mouse.

Light & Crisp Kailh GM 8.0

Light and crisp clicks up to 80 million times.

Reinforced Side body

Reinforced innner structure and no holes on the side to provide more solid grab feeling

Flawless surface

Perfectly smooth and flat

Upgraded MCU and Algorithm

More accurate sensor tracking and efficiency with better communication

3D 360° Polished Edge

Entire surface including the rounded edges are polished to a nano level.



    Height: 1.65in / 42mm Width: 2.6in / 66.17mm Length: 14.83in / 122.66mm Weight: 57g / 2oz Cable Length: 1.8m / 71in

    PAW3370 50-20000 DPI 400 IPS 50g Acceleration 1000Hz/1ms Polling Rate NEW MCU - More accurate sensor tracking

    Alumino-Silicate Tempered Glass Feet (Nano polishing) Kalih GM 8.0 Switch Ergonomic Right Hand 5 buttons configuration Ultra-light weight Latest flagship 20K Sensor Fully customizable sensor setting Fully customizable keys and macros. USB type C New Paracord Cable Ultra Durable

    USB Port Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux) Internet connection (to download software) Windows 7 or higher (for Fusion Software)

    Xlite superglide mouse, Micro Mouse Bungee
    Xlite Superglide Mouse x 1 Micro Mouse Bungee x 1
    Xlite superglide mouse, Micro Mouse Bungee


If you have multiple mice connected to your device, please disconnect all and connect only the Xlite mouse to prevent a potential crashes or unexpected errors during the firmware update process.