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Xlite Superglide

The Xlite Superglide is high-performance ergonomic gaming mouse equipped with ultra-fast and ultra-smooth tempered glass skates. It features the PAW3370 sensor with a 20,000Dpi sensitivity, 400IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. With a 1000Hz polling rate and an ultra-flexible paracord cable, it offers top-tier gaming precision. Just 1000 units of this exceptional mouse are available worldwide.

[Xlite Superglide]Xlite Wired Gaming Mouse


Xlite Superglide features a lightweight and responsive Kailh GM 8.0 switch with crisp clicks lasting up to 80 million times. Its reinforced side body, devoid of any holes, offers a solid grip. An upgraded MCU and algorithm ensure precise sensor tracking and efficient communication. Additionally, the mouse boasts 3D 360° polished glass feet, meticulously polished even at the nano level for a smoother glide.