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Aim Trainer Pack

X2 Aim Trainer Pack is a limited edition bundle created through a partnership between Corepad, a leading gaming accessory company, and Kovaak's, a renowned gaming company known for enhancing players' aiming skills across various scenarios. Combining high-quality gaming accessories with Kovaak's gameplay code, it offers the ultimate setup for improving your aiming skills.

[Aim Trainer Pack]X2 Gaming Mouse


Perfect your aiming skills with the X2 Aim Trainer Pack, which includes the Corepad Pro, Corepad Air Mouse Skates, and Corepad Soft Grip Tape to provide gamers of all levels with the ultimate aim conditioning solution. Whether you're a casual player or a pro eSports athlete, this pack is tailored to elevate your game by enhancing your precision, speed, and control. With the Corepad accessories, the X2 Aim Trainer Pack delivers an unparalleled gaming experience.

The package contains Corepad PRO Mouse skates, Corepad Air Mouse skates, and Corepad Soft grip tape.