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Conventional keyboards you can purchase any nearby shops are inexpensive rubber dome keyboards that flooded the keyboard market. Rubber dome keyboards represent over 90% of keyboards in use today and provide an inexpensive but dissatisfying feel and typing experience. It has large sheet of rubber dome with individual springs underneath of each keys.

A mechanical keyboard has individual mechanical switches under each key. It normally provides faster key strokes and more accurate typing experience. But mainly using mechanical keyboards are for the sensation on your fingers. It has many different types of type “feelings” that you can choose from. So you can find perfect fitting keyboard for your personal preference.

Our RED Linear Switches have straight down structure without any bump.

So, the linear Switches have smooth press feeling and it makes less clicking noise.

Blue Clicky Switches have extra spring bar to make “click” sound in each key.

So, the Clicky switches provide you feel the bump while pressing and it makes some noise.

If you need good bumpy sensation while typing or gaming with sound to confirm, this is the switch type you want. However, if you are going to use the keyboard that requires some quietness, we do not recommend you to use Clicky type switches.

Brown Tactile switches are combination of both Red and Blue. Simply, it has a bump feeling when you press the keys but makes less noise like red linear switches.

(show motion graphics how they work, you can google it)

Device not recognized.

If you are using windows 10, it should automatically recognize the device and install the driver.

If not recognized,

1. Please change USB Port

2. Please restart your computer

If anyway still not working, please contact customer support.

Before cleaning, make sure you unplugged the device from your pc.

Hold the keyboard upside down and shake off any large dust…etc if you have a compressed air can, please use it. Remove keycaps using included keycaps pullers, and wipe out the surface using tissue or microfiber cloth. You can use wet tissue but, in any circumstances, never spray the water or submerge the keyboard in any type of liquid.

For IP68 rating water proof keyboard, we still do not recommend you to submerge the keyboard to clean your keyboard. NOT RECOMMDED.